How Retailers Benefit from Content Writing Services

As a retailer, you need to cook up ways to stand out among your competition. Factors like offering more budget-friendly prices and promos like discounts and giveaways can be a big help. However, in order for these strategies to be effective, they need to be paired with search engine optimization, and content marketing is the foremost aspect.

This technique of bringing people to your site has been a constant source of success for many websites throughout the years and as concepts are constantly changing, this continues to be a really important way for companies to begin their internet marketing strategy. In essence, content marketing is when you publish content online to various different outlets with the intention of providing useful information and also to link back to your site.

According to SEOExplode, if you don’t have in-house content marketers, you can take care of this business aspect by getting content writing services provided by SEOExplode (or from any other reputable firm). A team of experienced marketers can help retailers like you in a variety of ways, such as press releases for new items or special promos, blog writing and promotion, and social media marketing. Above all these, the best way that an internet marketing team can help is through creating and obtaining shopping and product reviews.


blogOne great way to review your retail company or any of its specific collections or products is through blogs. Since your company can supply the information for the articles you want to appear on your blog, we can create blogs that completely detail the features of your items and compare it to other brands. Aside from offering the main content writing services, some internet marketing professionals can also track down the reviews of your customers, collate them in a blog, and promote them on various channels.

What this can do is give you a reputation as a leader in your industry or make you appear as a trusted brand. For instance, you sell baby supplies that undergo strict quality and safety measured. If people read about the superior efforts you put in manufacturing your products (such as accredited sanitation protocols and socially responsible ingredient sourcing), then they will be more likely to purchase your products over other baby supplies stores. Reviews written by previous customers can add strength to your credibility as a retailer.

Forums and Social Media Threads

content writingContent writing services work two ways when it comes to forums and social media: brand awareness and link building. First, your company (through internet marketing professionals) can participate in relevant forums and post on related social media threads to make your brand name known among customers and give them an idea on what you offer. Second, links to your products or to your website in general can be included in these forums to drive traffic and improve your search engine standing.

For example, let’s say you sell specially designed bras that are perfect for nursing women, plus size women, and women who have undergone breast surgeries like augmentation or mastectomy. Your partner content marketing team can find forums where people go to discuss concerns like breastfeeding struggles, fashion for curvy women, and health sites that tackle breast surgeries.

There, reviews or comments can be posted to promote how your products help in their issues. Links to your products or other web pages can also be indicated, so they can get more information. Essentially, content writing services help you engage with prospective customers and ultimately tap them as leads for your retail business.

Script for Videos

In many cases, videos would be great assets to your retail business. This type of content can help you show your target customers how useful your products can be and demonstrate the value for money you offer. With this in mind, the content writing services can be tailored to your needs through scripts and storyboards for your branded videos.

Shopping and product reviews can be executed in a variety of ways when it comes to the video format. For instance, you sell supplements that help in weight loss. Reviews of your past customers can be included in your video. An animation can also show how your products work (e.g. how a certain ingredient burns fat or how it helps reduce cravings) so that prospective customers can appreciate the science behind what you offer. Then, after producing the video, it can be distributed on the right social media platforms and promoted it across the web.

Indeed, there are plenty of ways that content writing services and other internet marketing services can help retail businesses, Whether you’re a startup or a long-established business, these services can be tailored to your company objectives and areas of improvement.

Why are we talking about these things? While we typically publish reviews, we’d like to believe that we know enough to guide entrepreneurs as well – besides, business owners visit our site too, right?

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Online Shopping

Shopping online has quickly become the most popular choice for purchasing anything from necessities to luxury items. With so much competition going on, it has become easier for consumers to buy what they need and want online.

online shopping

However, there are still a lot of risks in purchasing something over the World Wide Web. Here are some of the dangers involved with doing your shopping on the internet.

Product Quality – Since you don’t physically see the item, you are not able to check the quality of what you are purchasing. There are quite a few horror stories such as dresses in the wrong color with stitches that get easily undone and electronics that short circuit on the first use.

Fraudulent Sellers – There are online sellers who advertise discounted prices that are just way too tempting to resist. However, items that are priced too low should immediately raise flags. Some sellers pad the original price that even with the high discounts they offer, the item is still more expensive than the current market price.

Scams – Paying a high price for a poor quality item seems so trivial when compared to another online risk. There are fraudulent e-commerce sites where you don’t receive anything at all. Items are never shipped and the company becomes unresponsive to follow ups after the payment is processed.

In order to get more business, a shopping site needs to have elements that encourage confidence. So, when looking for the perfect place to buy stuff from, look for the following.

High SEO Ranking

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a popular marketing tool used by businesses who wish to have a strong online presence.

When consumers go online to search for an item they are interested in purchasing, they often use a search engine they trust. The whole process starts with a search of the needed item. For example, if you were looking to buy a pair of high heeled red shoes, you may use words such as “red”, “heels” or “shoes” or maybe all three.

High SEO RankingThe search engine you use then checks all the listed websites for ones that have the words you used. Once it locates the relevant and reputable sites based on their analysis, it will show you the results. This is called the SERP or the Search Engine Results Page. The first few ones listed are the sites with the highest ranking. This means, they passed the evaluation of the search engine you used.

The search engine uses different elements to determine the best results. These elements include keywords and links to external reputable sites.

So when in your search for the perfect red heels, you best bet would be to choose the sites with the highest rankings.

Product Reviews

Most reputable e-commerce sites encourage third party reviews from consumers or other organizations. They readily post these reviews so interested customers can get an insight even before they purchase anything.

Product ReviewsProduct reviews are a great way to determine the quality of the item you are interesting in buying. It will also show you if these products are able to deliver what they promise and whether they are able to stand the test of practical everyday use.

This section is where you can find confirmation about the rose scented soap you were interested in. The reviews will tell you if it smells as it was advertised to smell.

All in all, you can protect yourself from falling victim to poor quality items by taking time to read product reviews.


The main difference between a product review and a testimonial is basically the purpose for which they were created. Product reviews are often more objective, giving both advantages and disadvantages. Customer testimonials often have more emotion as these are the opinions of real life customers.

Most sites will publish only good testimonials about a product or service. Although negative comments are limited, you can still use this section to your advantage. It may be best for you to purchase items that customers have gotten great results with than ones that don’t have any available testimonials at all.

Product Details

Product DetailsTo have a positive shopping experience, choose sites that offer complete product description and not just pictures. These works well for apparel and electronics purchases. There are times that the pictures used are not the actual product being sold. Take time to review the specs such as size or product compatibility. The last thing you want to happen is to receive something you can’t use after waiting for it to be shipped.

Online shopping can be a pleasant experience if you know the risks and take necessary precautions to protect yourself from these.

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